Can You Really Blast Away Stored Fat & Detox With Herbs?

Certain herbs can give you important benefits and help in your quest to create your ideal body, by reducing your feeling of hunger. If you don't feel hungry, you will eat less, and your body will respond by burning up stored fat.
There are also herbs that can assist you in your weight loss quest by boosting your body's ability to make and store fat in the first place.
When you are working at losing some of those extra unwanted kilos, finding a safe, natural, drug-free, effective way can be a challenge.

Herbal Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

But now, thanks to ancient herbal wisdom and modern research studies, we know that certain herbs and teas can give you real help and support in your quest for a trimmer leaner you.
Chinese herbalists have known for centuries about the weight loss and detox properties of certain herbs. This information is now becoming available to us, here in Australia, and offers great possibilities and help for anyone wanting to lose weight. (More about this later)

New Research Studies Reveal Most Effective Weight Loss Herbs.

Many studies have been conducted into the weight loss and detox properties of specific herbs. But few studies have concentrated on which herbs are the most potent and effective.
Recently a professional research organisation Charter Research, conducted an in-depth study into a group of herbs traditionally used for weight loss and detox.
Here are the results of their study:
The study looked principally at three criteria.

  1. The effectiveness and potency of herbs, when used for weight loss and detox.
  2. The herbs ability to combine with other herbs to maximise their effectiveness.
  3. Ascertaining the best way to obtain the maximum benefit from the herb's weight loss & detox properties.

The Six Most Effective Weight Loss/ Detox Herbs.

Foremost among all the herbs studied proved to be Pu-erh Tea (pronounced poo-air)
  • Pu-erh Tea has been used with great success , as a weight reduction aid by Chinese herbalists for hundreds of years. Its effectiveness is due to the fact that it has a variety of unique compounds not found in conventional teas. Scientists believe that these unique compounds are probably responsible for some of Pu-erh Tea's health, weight reduction and detox benefits.
  • Studies have shown that this unique tea significantly suppresses fatty acid synthesis. This means that it can quite literally block your body from producing more fat. The process of creation of fat by the liver (called lipogenesis) is blunted by this tea.
  • It has also been shown to increase mobilisation of stored fatty acids in fat cells. This enables your body to use these fatty acids as fuel, and not keep it on your belly.
  • In addition it has been clinically proven to effectively block visceral fat (the hidden fat you can't see or feel) from accumulating. It also “unlocks” fat cells making them easier to eliminate.
  • The totally unique composition of Pu-erh Tea gives it a special stand-out ability to encourage weight reduction and prevent weight gain.

Further investigation revealed that the weight loss and detox properties of Pu-erh Tea can be further enhanced by combining it with the following five herbs. Making the end product a stronger, more effective weight loss and detox aid.

    Scientific studies have found that the main ingredients in Green Tea responsible for its weight reduction and detox properties, are caffeine and a compound called epigallocatechin gallate. These substances work to increase your metabolism, block the conversion of energy into fat, and help your body absorb less dietary fat.
    Lemon Peel boosts metabolism to reduce weight. One of the elements in Lemon Peel is pectin, which studies have shown help in weight reduction. It has properties that prevent your body from absorbing excessive quantities of sugar, helping to maximise your weight loss and detox.
    Nettle Leaf has a well-deserved reputation as ad natural weight loss aid. It helps boost your metabolism, and curb your appetite and cravings. It's highly nutritive, and is loaded with antioxidant vitamins like Vitamin C, E, A and B complex vitamins. It is also rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, silica and potassium.
    Jasmine contains catechins which have fat burning properties, and therefore aid with weight reduction. It does this by increasing your metabolic rate, which subsequently helps you to burn more fat.
    Hibiscus is brimming with antioxidants. Not only do antioxidants help you directly with weight reduction, by increasing metabolism, they also help indirectly with weight loss and detox, as well as improving your overall health. Antioxidants fight free radicals, support your immune system and protect you from chronic disease. A stronger healthier body tends to lose weight more easily and quickly

Why Teas Make The Most Effective Weight Loss Aid

Based on our research, we recommend that for you to obtain the maximum benefit from this combination of Pu-erh Tea and the five other weight loss and detox boosting  herbs. It should be consumed as a loose leaf tea (not in tea bags) This enables the maximum strength to be achieved.
Teas are a more effective Weight Loss and Detox aid than Powders and pills, because the active ingredients are absorbed by the body faster and easier.
One cup should be drunk twice a day before breakfast and dinner. To ensure that you receive the best results you should always eat healthy meals and do some exercise regularly.

This Exclusive Weight Loss – Detox Formula Now Available To You.

Slimmer Living Teatox follows exactly the Charter Research formula. It has been blended using the herbs and teas their research revealed to be the most effective for weight reduction and detox. We have adhered strictly to their recommendations regarding the quantities of each herb to be added to the blend, to achieve maximum potency and effectiveness.
The Slimmer Living Teatox is blended using only certified organic and premium quality herbs and teas, Slimmer Living Teatox is exclusive to Slimmer Living, and is not available from any other source.
For your convenience we have 2 sizes a 15 Day Supply (70G) for $16.80, and a 30 Day Supply (140g) for $26.80. Post Free within Australia.

Money Back Guarantee.

All orders are covered by our unique Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you are not completely happy with your purchase, just return the unused portion with 15 days of receiving it, and we will immediately refund every cent of your purchase price. No quibble. No questions asked.
You can order with complete confidence Slimmer Living is an Australian owned and operated firm. We are a division of Alton International Pty. Ltd. (ABN 35 093 076 218. ACN 093 076 218.) Established 15 years.

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15 Day Supply (70g)

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30 Day Supply (140g)

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Slimmer Living Tea is a combination of six certified organic and premium quality herbs,
specially selected and blended to help you in your weight loss/ detox quest.

When you purchase Slimmer Living Tea you are fully covered by our unique Money Back Guarantee. You must be completely happy with your purchase, or you can return it , within 15 days of receiving it, for an immediate full refund of your purchase price. No quibble. No questions asked.

Our aim is to provide you with an outstanding product that will more than meet your expectations, and will be of immense assistance to you, in your quest for a leaner, trimmer, more attractive you.   

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